Company Profile

NUTRIX HEALTH CARE is a Medical health care product company enlisted by Division of Health &
OTC. Drug Regulatory Authority (DRAP), Islamabad, Pakistan which deals in;

  • Import & Export Trade Enterprise (Enlistment Certificate (Form VI) No.:00191)
  • Local Manufacturing (Enlistment Certificate (Form VI) No.:00323)

NUTRIX HEALTH CARE is located is Faisalabad-Pakistan and from the beginning, worked intensely on the development and production of Health & OTC products Nutritional & Dietary Supplements.

NUTRIX HEALTH CARE have following manufacturing facilities in our productions

  • Soft Gelatin Capsule Section
  • Tablet Section
  • Oral Liquid / Syrup Section
  • Sachet Powder Section

Nutrix Health Care is working intensely on the development and production of Health & OTC products, with special focus on Nutritional Supplement/Dietary Supplement.

NUTRIX HEALTH CARE has his own Sales & Marketing team is three provinces of Pakistan for distribution of own medical products as well as NUTRIX HEALTH CARE has contractual manufacturing agreement with different firm to provide them quality products.

Customer Satisfaction

Today’s food supplements consumers are becoming more health conscious than ever before. They seek products that not only taste and look good but also support their lifestyle choice. NUTRIX HEALTH CARE is a line of natural products known for their health benefits. Consumers desire products that fit easily in their daily diet and offer Wellness benefits so that they feel and look good. In addition they also wish to reduce the risk factors associated with certain disease conditions that can occur later on in life.